Volume 2 Issue 3

1.Effect of Strategic Factors on Tourism Performance in Kenya; A Survey of Mombasa County

Authors : Tom Anjere
Page No : 100-152 fulltext

2.Factors Affecting Implementation of Community Based Human Immunodeficiency Virus Projects in Mombasa County

Authors : James Wangusi Makomere, Lucy Gichinga
Page No : 153-194 fulltext

3.Three Phase Line Fault Detection on Distribution Lines Using GSM Technique

Authors : Nitesh S. Tadadikar, Rohit S. Nerlekar, Rahul M. Kabade, Vishal S. Chormule, D. D. Gavali
Page No : 195-199 fulltext

4. A Review on Vibration & Tribological Analysis of Bearing Under Different Loading & Speed Conditions with Fea & Experimental Method

Authors :Godse A.B.,Patil P.J.
Page No : 200-202 fulltext

5. Cluster Based Peer to Peer Unprompted Middleware

Authors :R.Rajasri, M.Priya, M.Vidhyaa
Page No : 203-207 fulltext

6. Android Application for Vehicle Tracking System and Computerization for College Directory

Authors :R.Nalini, M.Santhiya, A.Vengatalakshmi, B.Vimala, P.Thiruselvan
Page No : 208-212 fulltext

7. An Efficient and Secure Dissemination of Warning Message in VANET

Authors :P.Chitra, G.Iswaryadevi, P.Karpagachitra, M.Angelin Nithya Devi
Page No : 213-218 fulltext

8. Synopsis Diffusion Based Attacker Resillient Algorithm for Sedure Data Aggregation in WSN

Authors :M.Alishabanu, G.Indhu, J.Madhubala, S.Meenusri, P.Thiruselvan
Page No : 219-223 fulltext

9. Secure Location Determination Services on Mobile Devices

Authors :J.Maheswari, M.Mathubala, K.Mekala, M.Muthulakshmi, R.Kalaivani
Page No : 224-227 fulltext