Volume 2 Issue 4

1.Design and Implementation of Automatic Headlight Dimmer for Vehicles Using Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) Sensor

Authors : Okrah. S.K, Williams. E.A, Kumassah. F
Page No : 228-243 fulltext

2.Transient Free TSC Compensator for Reactive Load with Closed Loop Control

Authors : Ramesh B. Chavan, Ranjit M. Gadade, Rakesh D. Magdum, Nitin S. Shinde, Sumant R. Lokhande
Page No : 244-250 fulltext

3.The Influence of WC Powder Particle on Microstructure and Properties of Cemented Carbide

Authors : Ahmad Aswad Mahaidin, Mohd Asri Selamat, Zaim Syazwan Sulaiman
Page No : 251-254 fulltext

4.The Sintering Behaviour, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sub-Micron WC-CO Hardmetals Powder Processed in Nitrogen-Based Atmosphere

Authors : Mohd Asri Selamat, Ahmad Aswad Mahaidin, Talib Ria Jaafar
Page No : 255-259 fulltext

5.The Effect of VC And C Additions on Microstructure and Properties of Ultrafine Sintered WC-6%CO

Authors : ZaimSyazwanSulaiman, MohdAsriSelamat, Talib Ria Jaafar
Page No : 260-263 fulltext

6.Review on Design and Analysis of Hybrid Drive Shaft

Authors : Pardeshi Aditya J., Dharashivkar.N.S.
Page No : 264-268 fulltext

7.Healthcare Monitoring Application for Diabetes Patients

Authors : Krishna.M, Kanagaraj.A, Ranjith kumar.P, A.Bhayalakshmi, S.Deepa
Page No : 269-275 fulltext

8.Emerging Memory Technologies

Authors : Anita Nalawade, Subha Subramaniam
Page No : 276-279 fulltext