Volume 2 Issue 8

1.Process And Limitations Of Value For Money Analysis Tests For Infrastructure Public Private Partnerships

Authors : Mohsin Ali Soomro, Shafiq Ahmed Soomro, Aftab Hameed Memon
Page No : 380-386 fulltext

2.Behavioural Analysis On Asymmetric Buildings With Solid, Coupled And Shear Wall With Staggered Openings

Authors : Chaithra S, Anue Marry Mathew
Page No : 389-392 fulltext

3.Nonlinear Static Analysis Of Framed Asymmetric Building With Isolator And Damper

Authors : Rincy M A, Shwetha Saju
Page No : 393-396 fulltext

4.Finite Element Analysis Of Composite Hemispherical Shell With Cut-Out

Authors : Jinju James Olickal, Lakshmipriya A R
Page No : 394-401 fulltext