Volume 5 Issue 2

1. Churn Prediction in Telecom Using Classification Algorithms

Authors :G.M. Apurva Sree, S. Ashika, S. Karthi,V. Sathesh, M. Shankar, J. Pamina
Page No : 19-28 fulltext

2. Analysing the Behaviour of Customers to Predict Churn in Telecom Sector

Authors :Akhila.V, Krithikaa.M, Pavithra.A.K, Adhipathy.K.G, J.Pamina
Page No : 29-37 fulltext

3. A Survey on Recent Trends in Digital Data Storage on DNA

Authors :S. SathyaBama
Page No : 79-82 fulltext

4. IOT Based Real Time People Counting System for Smart Buildings

Authors :M.S. Sruthi
Page No : 83-86 fulltext