Volume 5 Issue 3

1. Analysis for the Prediction of Thyroid Disease by Using ICA and Optimal Kernel SVM Approach

Authors :I. Kalaimani
Page No : 39-55 fulltext

2. Image Encryption Applications: A Survey

Authors :I. Kalaimani
Page No : 56-68 fulltext

3. Investigation of Stock Market Integration Among Asian Countries

Authors :A.K Pavithra, Santhiya Palaniappan
Page No : 69-75 fulltext

4. Prolonging the Network Lifetime of Sensor Devices in MANET Using Bio-Enlivened Clusters Algorithm

Authors :U. Hari Haran, A.Daniel
Page No : 76-84 fulltext

5. Smart Irrigation Mechanism for Soil Management Using BBC Micro: Bit in Internet of Things

Authors :U. Hari Haran, A.Daniel
Page No : 85-89 fulltext

6. Statistical Mining on Image Database Using Supervised Classification

Authors : A.Daniel, U. Hari Haran
Page No : 90-94 fulltext

7. Shortest Path Routing Algorithm Using Ant Colony Optimization in MANETS

Authors : A.Daniel, U. Hari Haran
Page No : 95-100 fulltext

8. Using Heterogeneous Social Media as Auxiliary Information to Improve Car Recommendation Performance

Authors : V J Aiswaryadevi, Rajanaren P M, Rameshkumar S, Rajeevan K
Page No : 101-106 fulltext

9. Protected Entry Design for Data Encryption and Decryption Using Big Data in Cloud

Authors : Ms.Sruthi.M.S, Anishwara Aathish T.V, Arul Balaji R
Page No : 107-113 fulltext

10. An Efficient Ranking Approach for Sketch Based Image Retrieval

Authors : R.Kalpanasonika, Dr.S.Bhuvana, S.Karthik, S.Ram Prasanth, R.Sathishkumar, G.Kavi Prakash
Page No : 114-118 fulltext

11. Image Fusion Based Multimodal Biometric Recognition & Classification Based on Back Propagation Neural Network

Authors : Dwani S, JaiSudhan K, Karthik Rajan T, G Nivedhitha
Page No : 119-123 fulltext

12. IOT Based Smart Agricultural Practices

Authors :Karthik.H, Hariharan .P.R, Dr.A.Balamurugan
Page No : 124-128 fulltext

13. Employee Management System Using Leasewave

Authors :Anitha.R, Aravindharaj A.S.
Page No : 129-132 fulltext

14. Nutrition Recommendation System Using Genetic Algorithm

Authors :R.Durai Vasanth, P.Gokul, T. Balamurugan, S.Nivedha
Page No : 133-140 fulltext

15. Driver Monitoring System

Authors :S.kiruthika, Abbrinna.M, Keerthana.S, Kavyashree.R,
Page No : 141-144 fulltext