Volume 5 Issue 4

1. Control of Home Appliances Using WIFI and Arduino

Authors :Amirthavarsini G, Angu Kaushika S, Deeptheshanmathie K
Page No : 145-151 fulltext

2. IOT Based Technology for Automatic Pest Identification and Applying Pest

Authors :Akshitha B, Arthi M, Deepika M, Harini Karthika G
Page No : 152-159 fulltext

3. Blind Dual Watermarking with Color Image

Authors :Bharathi Kannan B, Mohan. S, Srinath S, Sudharson K, Valarr A S M, Dr.N Suguna
Page No : 160-163 fulltext

4. Self Driving Bot

Authors :Ashwin Kumar S, Madhan Kumar R, Prasanna R, Vijay Kumar R, Sowkarthiga P, Dr.N Suguna
Page No : 164-166 fulltext

5. Analysis and Prediction of Diabetes Using Machine Learning

Authors :S.Saru, S.Subashree
Page No : 167-175 fulltext

6. Electrical Energy Conservation and Energy Management System Using Internet of Things

Authors :S.Nageswari, T.Saravanan
Page No : 176-182 fulltext

7. Intelligent Garbage Monitoring Method Using Lan Server And Raspberry PI

Authors :S.Nageswari, T.Saravanan
Page No : 183-189 fulltext

8. An Application for Evaluating Soil Organic Matter for Crop Maintenance Using Sensors

Authors :S.Nageswari, T.Saravanan
Page No : 190-196 fulltext

9. A Bloom Filters Based Data Management with Error Detection and Correction

Authors :Dr.B.Bazeer Ahamed, S.Nageswari
Page No : 197-202 fulltext

10. Analysis of Inverter Drives During Power Interruption

Authors :S.Nageswari, Salem Jeyaseelan W R
Page No : 203-210 fulltext

11. IOT Based Automatic Dual Axis Sun Tracking and Intimation System

Authors :S.Nageswari, Dr.P.Sundra vadivel
Page No : 211-215 fulltext

12. Smart Agriculture Using LoRa Technology

Authors :Jeyashree P, Meghana M, B. Sameera Reddy, Karuthraja
Page No : 216-221 fulltext

13. An EEG Based Emotion Recognition and Classification Using Machine Learning Techniques

Authors :S. Soundarya
Page No : 226-236 fulltext

14. Parameter Tracking Using Energy Harvesting Sensors

Authors :G.Pranith Reddy, J.Dileep Kumar Reddy, V.Sumathi Devi
Page No :237-240 fulltext

15. Design and Development of Low-Cost Smart Eco-Friendly Garbage Management System

Authors :S.Madhu Mitha, B.Mariammal, Dr.M.Pallikonda Rajasekaran
Page No :241-244 fulltext