Volume 5 Issue 5

1. Design Low Power, High Speed Circuit Using Adiabatic Approach

Authors : S.Alicejemima, V.Bharathi, K.Kowsalya, V.Karutharaja
Page No : 245-251 fulltext

2. An Energy Efficient Approach for Agriculture Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : S. Diwakaran, T. Parani Kumar, R.Vetri Selvam, D.Vijitha
Page No : 252-254 fulltext

3. Research Paper of Green Marketing

Authors : R. Srinithy, J. Pamina, V.Karpagam
Page No : 255-259 fulltext

4.Real Time E-City Bus Tracking System

Authors : K.Ramya, J.Asha Jency, R.Anu Mangai
Page No : 260-263 fulltext

5.Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Visual Information

Authors : A. Viswachand, Y.Suresh, J.Naresh, Dr.G.Dhanabalan
Page No : 264-266 fulltext

6. Comparison of Classification Techniques on Data Mining

Authors : S.Nageswari, Dr.Pallavi M Goel, P.Divya
Page No : 267-272 fulltext

7. Comparative Analysis of Heart Disease Prediction

Authors : S.Nageswari, P.Divya, Dr.Pallavi M Goel
Page No : 273-277 fulltext

8. Crack Detection and Diagnosis for Wind Turbines Using Naive

Authors : S.Nageswari, P.Divya, Dr.Pallavi M Goel
Page No : 278-283 fulltext

9. Design and Implementation of WSN for the Real Time Assessment of Water Quality for the Water Distribution System

Authors : S.Nageswari, P.Divya, Dr.Pallavi M Goel
Page No : 284-289 fulltext

10. Automated Detection of Human Emotions and Heart Rate from Facial Expressions Using PNN

Authors :D.Jagapathi Babu, P.Muthuraj, A.Surya, Dr.A.Lakshmi
Page No : 290-296 fulltext

11. Junction Less Transistor for Low Power Application

Authors : S.Gayathri, Jenyfal Sampson, S.Nandhini
Page No : 297-300 fulltext

12. Degradable and Non-Degradable Waste Separation Using Intelligent Approach

Authors : S. Sulthan Alaudeen, Dr.A. Lakshmi
Page No : 301-305 fulltext